Suspended account

Hello, I do not understand why my account is suspended since I use it only as a personal portfolio. I have original music and productions that I do for some artists. Nothing more than that. They should explain to me why they suspend my account.

My page is

Well, we can’t really do much about your suspension. Is it permanent? What does it say in the client area? If it is permanent you should be able to raise a support ticket.


Hi, thanks for your response!
They told me the following: “Your account was deleted because you exceeded the free hosting usage limits or due to abuse.” I already generated a ticket but I am waiting for a response. Does anyone know how I could solve this problem? Or should I just wait for the ticket to be answered? Thanks in advance!

It’s suspended because you exceeded the limits. It will never come back, ask them for a backup in th ticket

How sad it is to know that, well thank you very much for your answers. I already contacted the ticket! Thanks!


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