Suspended Account To Upload File?!

does anyone know why my account is suspended when loading this file (update.php)
I just want to be able to update my script and I can’t because my account is suspended :confused:

(link of the text containing “update.php”)
Update.php [suspend acount] - Online Notepad

ps: my account was suspended, in a while I will see if my sites are returned to me :confused:

Hello there,

The reason in which you might be suspended isn’t probably because of that file. If that file was indeed the reason for your suspension, it could be because of the following:

  • The file is executing too much stuff causing the server to suspend the activity.
  • The file caused too much activity (that stressed the Server CPU/Resources) that it hit the CPU Limit, Server Resources Limit and etc.

If the problem is the file, I don’t know what part of the code they don’t allow because when they upload the file they detect something and they suspend my accounts because of the file “update.php”

pd: if someone like @Admin could tell me exactly why the suspension, is to avoid that content :confused:

You can see reason of suspension on client area, If it is due Abuse, create a ticket from there.
If it’s because of reaching a limit. Then you’ve to wait for a day until it activates.


Does update.php have base64 (obfusucated code)? Feel free to give us a snippet of the code.

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link of the text containing “update.php”

Why does it has ads (That may be R rated)? You can put the code in your post.

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If staff tells you “you must delete this file for your account to stay active”, then it means you must delete that file for your account to stay active. With the implication that if you don’t delete the file, your account will not stay active. Which is exactly what happened here.

If you want to argue with staff about whether the file is legitimate or not, please do so in the ticket regarding your suspension.


Okay, my guess about the code and the site in general is that it allows or at least invovles money, such as sending it (use paypal or something else) as well as setting up a campaign (couldn’t you use gofundme?).

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