Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

I opened the site to have fun at school for joke to my friend, I do not want it to be suspended.

Hi @suspendme,
Welcome to Infinityfree forum.
If you want to make your Site running then please make sure that your site meets Infinityfree terms and conditions and didn’t contains these types of scripts below:-

Note:- Many scripts which are overloading the servers is also not allowed.

For more clarification you can also read this terms page

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There is nothing violating. You can check. Can you remove it from the hanger please?

Okay tell us more about your Site

We opened the site to have fun with friends in class, we set up a site that redirects to a tiktok, no harm.

Let @Admin to make it clear

Will you open my account

Well Nooooo, becuase I don’t have any rights to open any account of infinityfree user’s. I’m also like you, means an old (1.75 + years old on this Service :sweat_smile:) infinityfree User.

Why is your site suspended? you can see the reason and descriptions on Client Area.


Phishing is not a joke, it’s a very severe crime. And we don’t do business with criminals. We will never host anything for you ever again.


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