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timer code not working in this page. and also cannot retrieve or save data into tables like that some scripts are not working from 21-09-2023 to till now

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Share the exact error so that I can be rectify soon!

Here it shows date and time but not time shows
cannt logout
some pages can store data into table .
index pages not load correctly for subdomains also
all the pages work clearly two days before

CSS style is injected before the HTML code and that is not right !

Your html code only starts on line 107

in addition, folders and other files are missing e.g.

if we compare with

so there is no login php file or anything else

*notice to other users - OP mentioned two different subdomains

As for the date/time - is not clear to me exactly where the problem is, so please help us with more info,

but it is possible that your code is incompatible with PHP8 (if the server on which your site is upgraded to PHP8.2)

we need your PHP code samples, screenshots, and a lot from you
and not just a link for a website and another that doesn’t work at all (all white)


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