My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: 403 Forbidden

The website’s configuration prevents you from accessing this page.

I’m using this software: php

Additional information:

For me your website works fine, but the menu isn’t responsive on mobile devices. To make it responsive on mobile devices, you need to add the Bootstrap script to the mix, then clear your browser cache.

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can not open chat page??

Chat scripts are forbidden on free hosting, and that’s why the files with name chat can’t be accessed.


if i change the fiile name then will it works?

The blocking is done on file names, so renaming the file allows you to access it. But chat scripts are not allowed, regardless of their file names, so if it is a live chat script of some kind, you have to remove it.


please give me any solution to run the chat script… bcoz its for helping student to clear theire doubts in study.

renaming page its working

Again: you’re still not allowed to host chat scripts with us. If we find you’re hosting chat scripts, we’ll suspend your account and only reactivate it if you promise to remove that. So if you want to help your students, you should remove that scripts before we take your entire site down.


okkkk… if i upgrade free hosting then will it work?

if i upgrade free hosting to paid hosting then it will be ok or not???

in paid hosting can i run the chat script?

ok i will delete the chat script. if i upgrade the free hosting to paid hosting then can i run the chat script?

please reply…

I think it’s against their ToS. So no, upgrading won’t do you any good.


are you sure?

The terms of service of free hosting and premium hosting are basically the same. They are enforced in different ways (premium hosting being more free and gentle), but the base rules are the same.

So no chat scripts.


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