Support Ticket is not replying since a lot of days

Website URL

I am not getting any reply from Support Ticket since 6 days. My website is in suspended mode. After the suspend and reactivation problem of the hosting accounts, I also got suspended and still my account is not activated after the fix.

My website have no uploaded files at all, not databases also. Just created this account 10 days ago or more. I was willing to make a website for me.

Just reply with a valid reason for my account suspension, if the claim is true as mentioned then I can leave the platform as soon as possible. Please don’t make me wait more to get a reply from the support ticket.a

Based on your screenshot, there is a possibility that you have violated the TOS.

Unfortunately, none of us can help you here.
Try bumping the support ticket


Bro, I didn’t uploaded any kind of files to this hosting account. Not a single one.

What is that? I didn’t get it.

He means try sending a reply again in the support ticket.


Thanks, Understood.


Hi, everyone.
The problem is solved today. I got reply from the support ticket and they said there was a mistake for my account suspension. My account is now activated.


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