Support for latest version of WordPress, v5.5

When will the latest version of WordPress be supported?
I am building a new website and happen to have started with the latest version.

Kindly wait.
We can’t say anything else.

It’s probably expected till the next week. I guess.

Hi there,
This will be updated automatically by our system, we can not manually update it

The response from iFastNet staff.

Well… They can, They are on such a far behind version of softaculous, That they have to wait until it rolls out for the older version, Vis-a-vis the new version of softaculous already has it;


Is it available in infinity cpanel or not?


Yeah I knew, just a bit confused of what you said.

WordPress 5.5 is fully supported on our hosting.

But please note that “supported” means “we guarantee it can run on our hosting”, not “we provide installation services for it”.


We also know that admin.
We are just waiting from weeks for Softaculous to update it because it’s really a slow process to update the files using local manual upgrade.

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