Suggestions needed

i am working to create a uber like web application. Which Language i should use to create the application ?
Is firebase would be a great option for backend ?? If not please suggest.

It will be a web app

@Erraticstuff has used Firebase, maybe he can help.



JavaScript (If you’re using Firebase for auth, submitting data to the database) or PHP & Node JS (If you’re not using Firebase)


It really depends.

  1. If you’re looking to make web application for machine learning or just a small project, python is great because it’s similar to the human language.
  2. If you’re making a big application which sends request to the server much, then use node.js it is faster than python and can handle lots of requests but however it’s a bit hard to learn.

Why not start by reading how Uber does it?

The language you should use is the language you’re most comfortable in. Python, Ruby, PHP, Golang, Node.js, Java, C# and possibly others can work fine if you’re comfortable with the technology.

I care less about the hypothetical performance of a programming language, given that in the real world application architecture, database speed and other platform overhead typically is a much more important factor.

And in the end, the company that wins is the company that provides the best service to their customers, not the one that has the lowest page response times.

I tend to prefer a traditional backend application with (relational) database over these fancy serverless tools. I think it’s easier to enforce business logic that way.

But I may just be old fashioned in that regard.


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