(suggestion) hits daily

i have suggestion, if developer infinity free you want add it :slight_smile:
can add API ‘hits daily’ or create plugin e.g…
in HTML5 ex : <infinityfree hitsdaily=“static” /> or PHP
because in wordpress i want add like static to know hits daily without access to infinityfree control panel

i’m sorry (i’m not good in english)
and thanks

Welcome back lizou!

I guess you will need to create a plugin in Wordpress for that. Cause WordPress and Infinityfree are not related to each other, you know.

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Unfortunately, even if you create your own plugin, its still not accurate as it is also using hits.

Network-level statistics are designed to analyze the hits without disturbance and tolerance.

Its impossible.

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thanks so much for answer :heart:
so can’t make it


You can but will not work. (SIMPLY CAN’T)

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@katufo say ‘WordPress and Infinityfree are not related’

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Goodluck with your hosting! Enjoy using Infinityfree!

Client level APIs are quite rare with hosting platforms to begin with. The cPanel commonly seen with premium hosting doesn’t have this either.

I too would like APIs for the resource usage metrics so I can show the graphs in the client area. And if I have reseller APIs, I could create client level APIs to access the data through the client area.

But I do see the risk in having these APIs used for abuse. After all, it could allow people to use skirt the limits and use as much server power as possible without hitting the limits, which is not what we want.


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