Suddenly I can't upload files in my host account

Today, when I was uploading files on my website, I suddenly found an error that could not be uploaded. I connected to the host through FTP and found that the files exist, but the size is 0 B. I tried to upload different files in other folders. I found that no matter what type of files are uploaded to the host, the size is 0 B

I use WordPress. In addition, I just disabled all plug-ins to find out the reasons. As a result, the website cannot be opened after disabling, HTTP error 500. My website address is loading data failed to make liveapi connection to cPanel is displayed when I access softaculus of my account

Did your account hit the innode or other storage limit?

NO.I can’t even create folders

Can you take a screenshot of the “Statistics” panel in the control panel?

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Sounds like innode limit being hit

Your account has over 5 GB disk usage and has been throttled. Please remove some of the old Softaculous backups in your account (you have 3 of them stored) to reduce your disk usage so you can upload more files.


Can’t I upload more files when I reach 5GB?

Yes, free hosting accounts have a limit of 5GB of storage. There’s nothing so called “Unlimited”. Everything in the world has a limit.


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