Suddenly, Accounts getting suspended

Yesterday after a long time, I uploaded some files(html, css, js, png), after few minutes, my account was suspended.

I raised a ticket, later got a reply stating ‘It appears your website was incorrectly detected as abuse by our anti fraud systems.
We have reactivated your account, appologies for the inconvenience.’

This is done twice (I uploaded same files >> account suspended >> I reaise ticket >> account reactivates)
now when I modified the html file, and saved it, ACCOUNT GOT SUSPENDED AGAIN (3rd time).

I change in one account, all of my 3 accounts gets suspended.
Any idea why is this happening, and how can this stop.

Apparently, the HTML file you’re working with is being detected as malicious by our abuse detection upload filters.

While it’s possible for us to whitelist specific files, we can only list specific file contents. So whenever you modify the file, it doesn’t match the whitelisted content anymore, and will likely get flagged as malicious again.

I don’t know what’s in your HTML file or if it’s actually malicious, but I think you just cannot host that page with us, because it will get flagged over and over again, and there is sadly nothing we can do about that.


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