Subdomains vs. Subfolders: feedback on our course of action please?

American$ is a multi-faceted entity wishing to engage in multiple aspects of society, in one space.

Therefore we are trying to figure how to structure our undertaking.

We’re completely rookies, however we have an awareness. Meaning, we understand the “give and take” scenario all decisions will render, however we don’t know which scenarios to expect or which routes deliver certain results.

So American$ has plans to have a classified ads, a social networking, a dating, few different blog, etc.

We came to the conclusion that it would be best to do this all In subfolders… Having the main Splash page simply a Blog that has links to all the subfolders. And then each subfolder having the plug-in choice installed for that subfolder. For an example the classifieds subfolder will have classified plug-in, the social-networking will have buddypress plugin, and so forth.

We were thinking that this would be the best most secure way, providing all of the security up at the front on the splash page, and everything Downstream is covered?

Can we get any feedback on our course of action please?

Since you’re using WordPress, that should be the main “splash page”. You can set WordPress to use a Static Page (which you create in Wordpress) to be your homescreen. The default is to show your latest blog posts. But, you can set it to be a static page instead.

For each of those other things you can use Softaculous to install them to subfolders off your main domain (classifieds, dating, social network, etc.). During the Softaculous installation you have the option of typing in a folder name:


Then, from your WordPress page you can just link to those sub-directories. Then, in the programs running in the subdirectories, you can provide a link back to the main site.

So, each subfolder just contains a separate app that is installed by Softaculous. Each one would have their own administration panel that you would log into separately.


Thanks… That’s reassuring because I did start that way… Without certainty… And I have made already 20 pages and I didn’t want to have to do them all again…

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