so I made a new subdomain for my website and installed wordpress on it but it just gives me an error as if the links didnt exist, any suggestions?

Just have patience? New domains can take up to 72 hours to become visible everywhere. You can learn more about that here:

yes I know it needs time, I just doubted something was wrong because I tested subdomains before and it didn’t take theme this long.
Another reason is that even after deleting old subdomains, whenever I try to delete the folder (which becomes useless as the subdomain is supposedly deleted) nothing happens.

It can take up to 72h, but usually takes a moments, yes. About folders: old accounts unable to delete them due to logs system, new accounts are able to.

So its been more than 4 days and the subdomain is still down. Any suggestions?

Subdomain link?
Are you using cloudflare? I just added a new one today main website is obviously
And yes I do use cloudflare

Cloudflare with integration panel or manually (with changing nameservers to cloudflare)?


Did you add DNS records that points your subdomains to right IP, can you show your DNS at all?

Do you mean I have to add the subdomains to cloudflare as well as I if was adding a new website

@SaadEddine said:
Do you mean I have to add the subdomains to cloudflare as well as I if was adding a new website

Yes. Creating a new subdomain involves setting up the website on the website server, as well as setting up your DNS zone to make sure the subdomain points to the website server.

If you use our nameservers, we can automatically set up your DNS records for you. If you use third party nameservers, you are responsible for setting up and maintaining the DNS zone.

If you don’t know how to do that yourself, please switch your domain back to our nameservers, which have already been configured correctly for your subdomains.