Subdomain Redirect Not Working

I made 3 subdomains to my own domain on CPanel:
I set them to redirect, like this:
1: to
2: to
3: to
and they are not redirecting properly. Do I have to wait longer? What is happening?

My normal website domain

I have now tried doing a sub-domain on Cloudflare that I use for SSL and it is still not working.
This is my cloudflare:
Am I doing this right?

It's working fine for me.

When you say the domain is "not redirecting properly", what do you mean by that? What do you see when you try to access one of those subdomains?

Figured it out using my domain provider. Thanks everyone. [CASE CLOSED]

@Admin Thanks for your reply. I know it is working now as I fixed it using Cloudflare and my domain provider. Thanks. [CASE CLOSED]