Subdomain not working

Hello guys,
I hosted a domain here ( hosting the main web site and it works properly. Then I created a subdomain ( hosting a landing page for an event but this does not work properly. If I try to open it I see something as a default web page, probably a redirection.

  • I am not using Cloudflare
  • I searched the support before to post this message
  • For some minutes it worked yesterday night but now it is not working
  • I activated the domain yesterday, more or less 24 hours ago, the domain worked after a couple of hours
    Thanks, any help will be appreciated.

Your 1st nameserver is set to when it’s supposed to be

Mmmm… I set the nameservers for the domain on namecheap and they are … in the right order from 1 to 5… where did you saw the others?

@anon95130038 - It does not make a difference.
All NS (name servers) have the same information no matter how you order them.


Seems I have no problems with the domain ( but only with the subdomain(s) as as you may verify navigating to them.

try adding the subdomain again and wait a few hours
but if it doesn’t help then it’s a question for the admin



Is there a way to contact the admin? Or do I have to wait he reads our posts here?

try adding it again first

Please wait for him here

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Now it redirects to …

Because you created a redirect which does that in the Redirects tool in your control panel.


without that it does not reach the subdomain… now I will delete it to see what changes. There is another subdomain that is the copy of the other and ahs no redirect. I ca nreach it but it looks bad and different than it shoud be.

The subdomain(s) web page should look as quite different as it looks. Why this difference?

The difference you’re talking about is that seems to be a functional web page, but (which should be the same page) doesn’t?

This is caused by many of the style sheets and other included files not being found. For example, returns a CSS file but the URL 404 redirects me to 404.

It took me a bit of digging before I noticed it. But this seems to be caused by one of the .htaccess rules you uploaded to the latter site. In that file, you have a line which refers to If you change this to, that should help your .htaccess file do what it’s supposed to do and let you see your site.


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