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(I am enquiring on how to get my subdomain to go live, my main website works fine,but the subdomain created does not, please help)

the links all return with directory listing page

(Please help on how to go about subdomain and how I can work it out with designs or to load an existing active page on my website)

I will appreciate your contribution

If you are using CloudFlare, make sure you are not using it thru thr integrated VPanel(disable it). It will not work with ur subdomains.

If you manually added your domain to, you need to add A record for ur subdomains.


Put ur website files in


Not for me

This is what it returns

KanngJL, do you mean I need to manually add my subdomain, the way I added the main website on cloudfare.
Moreso, I do I design the page it has to load, I customize on WordPress


Yes, you can do that manually for each of ur subdomains OR

Just add another A record, this time “*” under name field with IP address of ur Infinity site in the content field

Thanks a lot

I will appreciate if breadcrumb can be given, so as to know how to go about this.

Kindly note as well, when loaded in http, it returns with directory list page, but with https, it returns with ssl protocol error

Once again thanks

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Screenshot of ur CloudFlare dns entry will be gd

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Thanks KangJL
On cloudfare, my DNS is pointing to byethost

Never visited byethost for any reason, but I think they are related to infinity free.

The integration in the ‘vPanel’ is under ByetHost. So yes.

So what next to get my problem of SSL protocol error solved

I am about installing WordPress on the subdomain, but I need this address fixed

This is the answer

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Ok thanks

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