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All new subdomains I create are suspended automatically why? I can’t create a new subdomain please help

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We cannot help you if you do not provide more info.
What subdomains you are trying to use?


It might take a while (around 2 - 10 minutes) for domains to activate.
It’s basically the “pending” state when you first created your account.


Can you give an example of one of those “suspended subdomains”? What do you see on that subdomain that makes you think it’s suspended?

The thing is that we don’t suspend domains. We only ever suspend entire hosting accounts.

So I’m guessing that your subdomains were not suspended at all. But what does happen is that when you create a subdomain, the relevant settings still need to be setup on our end. This happens automatically and nearly instantly, but due to (DNS) caching, it can take up to 72 hours (worst case scenario) for the changes to be visible everywhere.

Until then, you may see things that make it look like the domain is suspended. But your new domain is not suspended, and from a hosting perspective it’s working perfectly.


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