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Hi, I would like to know how I can have infinite subdomains and which plan should I choose. and what is the difference between iFastNet and Infinityfree plans? I want infinite subdomains to customize with WordPress

Next time you create a post, use the correct category or it will be deleted.

You cannot have infinite subdomains, nor can you have infinite WordPress sites for free. iFN is paid and IF is free.


Sorry. what is the correct category? I would also like to know which plan you recommend to have subdomains to present to my clients as a preview of how their website will be made

Certainly not the one called community guides. Read the description on each catagory and select the one that best matches your post.

Super premium is a good plan to start on, and you can always upgrade if you need more space or features.


You can see a number of things that premium hosting adds here:

To be honest, the best way to get infinite subdomains is probably to just get your own domain name. Then you can create any subdomain you want under that domain.

On premium hosting, you should be able to link all of the subdomains to the same directory on your account and use them with a single WordPress Multisite setup.


I would like to create multiple different domains or subdomains for different and perhaps unlimited customers

If you’re going to run websites for customers, then you should get a reseller account instead. With a reseller account, you can setup individual hosting accounts for every customer, each with their own space and limits.

However, note that most reseller accounts have limits on things like disk space and the number of accounts. Remember that the infinite space and infinite power server does not exist, so every hosting solution has limits.

Please note that reselling is not allowed on our hosting, and it’s not allowed on iFastNet’s regular premium accounts either. If you want to resell hosting, you need a reseller account.


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