Subdomain gets 404

Hi… I just created a subdomain … /home/vol5_7/
I went to the CP/ FTP and uploaded my site which I built myself…
When I tied logging in … I got a 404… weird?
So I went back to the CP and used the Sitebuilder, this time the site worked fine and opened up in my browser… what am I doing wrong?
Why doesnt it work with my uploaded site… files were sent to root and main page named index… ony 1 page with graphics in a folder with that name.




This could be due to many reasons. In short, 404 means that browser was able to communicate with the server, but the server couldn’t provide the page requested by browser.

You said you named your main page index. Your main page file should be index.html placed on the root folder of your sub-domain. I don’t know if you are starter in HTML related stuff.

If that’s not the case then your website files or scripts may be misconfigured.

If you are having any other problems simply ask us for help!