Subdomain Error

I just created an account at infinityfree, then I registered my domain (not a subdomain of infinityfree), then I added my subdomain to my domain.

Then, I uploaded my site which I created locally, I upload it wich using Filezilla, then when I access my domain it works fine, but when I access the subdomain what appears is an image like this

Even though I have previously created a domain and subdomain on my local site, and I have uploaded my domain and subdomain to infinityfree, then why does it say there are no files on my sub domain?
I’ve also added the subdomain from the control panel at infinityfree
I created a site using WordPress

In my opinion, this is because wordpress creates a subdomain folder on htdosc> wp-content> uploads> sites> subdomainfolder
However, it seems that infinityfree creates a subdomain folder at home> subdomain> htdosc>subdomainfile

So it looks like the file places are not the same, is that right?
If so, how can I fix it?

My domain:
My subdomain:
Thank you

First, upload pictures directly here.
Second, yes, your main domain and subdomain are two different websites. Can you also post screenshot of what your subdomain look like? Maybe you can install WordPress again on your subdomain.

First, upload pictures directly here.

The question earlier is my first question on this forum, so the system forbids me from embedding picture in my question

Can you also post screenshot of what your subdomain look like?

This is what happened when I access my subdomain:

Maybe you can install WordPress again on your subdomain.

I have been making the site for a long time, so it is impossible for me to reinstall the WordPress

Thank you

Yes, this is correct. Parked Domains are assigned to the same directory as an existing domain on your account. Subdomains and Addon Domains are assigned to new directories.

What do you suppose the issue is that you want to “fix”? Custom web roots is a premium only feature and separate folders for different websites is a good thing in most situations.

If you want to run a WordPress Network installation with subdomains, you just can’t do that here. Sorry about that.

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Ok, thank you

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