Subdomain Directory Listing

I have added as a sub-domain
but this error is coming and the link has changed to;O=A

I am getting the Directory Listing too, but not the query string redirect. Try clearing your cache.

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Hi @Samrridh :wave:,
You can follow this guide to disable directory listing :

Thanks @jaikrishna.t but I am still not sure how to fix this and what is causing this… Actually, I don’t even know what this error means

cache of? browser?

Creating subdomain will create directory only.
Inside that you need to host your files at htdocs folder!

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Yes browser.

You create an empty index.html or index.php to test if the htaccess rule is working! Thanks @HELPINDIA


Its showing your folder is empty! Thats all!


I created index.php but now my website is just blank… you can see

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Put this

echo "Hello world";

Inside it. If it shows hello world, your subdomain is working and you need to upload your files to your subdomain’s htdocs folder.

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<?php echo "Hello world"; ?>

All good, your site shows the HELLO WORLD text! All set.

ya its working… But do you know that how can i edit that page using wordpress as ‘wp-admin’ is not a page @FlutterHoney

What do you mean?

Like i use wordpress to edit my site but its not working…

What error do you encounter? Is that on the subdomain you provided?

You do not have any files on the subdomain (Besides the test one). If you want to use WordPress with it, you will need to install it.


u can’t edit subdomin page using WordPress that u installed on main domain directly.

Install wordpress seperatly for subdomain!

Subdomain is linked with main domain name by charaters only!
So u need to do seperatly config everything as a new domain!

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