Subdomain and a record

i add subdomain for my domain, and setting it’s “A” record on my registar, after hours my website not pointing yet to the ip address that i’m set.
it’s still shown my dummy index on infinityfree file manager.

is it error or something limited?

What’s your domain?

Make sure you have:

  1. Added the subdomain through our system first.
  2. Uploaded something to your subdomains folder (like

Or else it will either show a suspended page, a bodis ad page, or a 403 page.


sorry, it seem you dont get my message…
let me tell again.

  1. i add subdomain in infinityfree
  2. i add “A” record on my registar or my domain provider
  3. it almost 24h since i added, my subdomain not pointing to IP address that i’m added
  4. but it still shown index file that i’m create on (

my question is:
is infinityfree limit “A” record only on his server?

for additional information, IP Address that i mean is ip address of my vps

And you didn’t seem to get my message as well:

You don’t put htdocs into the url, but you probably already know this.

What do you mean?
You do point the A record to the IP address shown in your client area — I see no reason why you thought that we restrict this.

Well, well, well.
Then point it to your vps and SETUP YOUR VPS.
Don’t setup here.


Is your domain actually using your registrar’s nameservers? When adding the domain to our hosting, you first have to change the nameservers of your domain to our nameservers. At that point, all DNS settings at the previous nameservers will stop working, and will be replaced by whatever is set up on your end.

If you then proceed to add more DNS records at your registrar, they won’t do anything because your domain isn’t using the nameservers of your registrar.


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