Sub-Domain Discrepancy

How do i get ALL sub domains to display
in the Accounts section please ?

Are all of the sub-domains active?

Side note: What did you use to create that video/gif?

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The “Domains and Subdomains” list is synchronized asynchronously. If you check again later it should show the new domains.


Everythings good now , thanx
the video-gif, is part of a classified-Beta program.

Thanx Admin
im very pleased with the speeds here on inifinity
as you can see by the speed reports for both mobile and desktop.
But still trying to find a code that will improve video loading.

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Embed a YouTube video?


Hi …no not youtube
I use Vimeo on all pages of the website
on some pages theres up to 5 videos
but even just adding 1 video will greatly slow down the upload page speed.

however there is a code called the DEFER attribute
and its this code that will solve the video problem.
but its so difficult …

How is it difficult? The code and examples are given!

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In that link…you can see in the comments below
for a lot of users…that code doesnt activate.
its useless.

so im still searching for the correct code for the system

Well, it seems pretty easy to try and implement. They may be doing it wrong. Also, please don’t come to conclusions based on comments, as some people enjoy lying, and the majority of the people that comment just want the service to have a bad name, or because they actually have issues. Most people that it works for, or enjoy the service, don’t comment on it.
If you don’t want to try it, that’s fine. But please don’t come to conclusions on it based off of the 4 or so negative comments (If there were a lot of negative comments, that’s a different story).

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of course iv tried it !!!
the question is…have you ?

Please say that then. That way you worded your above post made me believe that you just read the comments and left. Also, please don’t get defensive, we are only trying to help.

Well no. It’s not my issue. When posting, please make sure to give all the details, and not leaving some missing, or up for personal interpretation.

Have you checked out these resources?

I find your comments sometimes offensive
but i dont say anything.

you concluded,that i didnt have the sense to test the basic code, and then told me ,
“some people enjoy lying, and the majority of the people that comment just want the service to have a bad name.”

well i find that offensive

I was talking about people that leave reviews. I never intended to convey that you were unable to test the code, I was just saying that I believed you haven’t (Becuase you didn’t say otherwise). Sorry if I was offending you (And please do let me know in the future.)


You dont have to apologize …youve done nothing wrong.
The internet CHAT , and the online forums, are not like talking to someone face2face.

Incorrect-Misinterpretation ,of simple sentences, happens all the time
Asumptions | conclusions | attitudes |
both partys can think 2 completly different things
about 1 sentence…thats life


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