Style doesnt work fine

My site is
user epiz_31123317

I need help, my style doesnt work fine, some sections of my style don’t work on the page, I already passed the code through several verifiers but I still haven’t found the error

I’m sorry, but you are going to have to provide a lot more information than “it does not work”. Can you screenshot the place where the error is occurring, and a screenshot of what it is supposed to look like?

I took a quick look at your website and nothing seems wrong, so perhaps creating your cache will solve the issue.

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Yes, in the site look like that

but it should look like this

The second image is in php server local

Your site looks fine from here:

Please try to clear your browser cache.


it looks normal to me

try deleting browser cache (CTRL + F5) or use incognito / private mode

this menu might be a little better made


Thanks I’ll do it

Yes I will do that, I’m really still building it thanks

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