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NOTE=This is an English Lang Forum not Turkish Lang.
Please converse in English

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Hey i am sorry for this

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flutter ile uygulama gelistiriyordum ancak backend icin hosting hizmet lazimdi oyuzden
email: [email protected]

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Eğer müsait olursan ileride kendi sitemin mobil uygulaması için Flutter bilgisine ihtiyacım olacaktır, sana e-posta ile ulaşmayı deneyeceğim. Çok teşekkür ederim.

Can you talk in english please

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Okay, he is Turkish, im talk him with Turkish. Okay i will use English

Regarding the original poster’s question, no, everyone who wishes to have their websites unsuspended, must file a ticket. If it is declined, IF’s staff may disclose a reason as to why. Also be patient too.


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