Stuck at Pending Account Creation

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

Pending Creation. “Error, 9385928349285635786 please contact support”

Other Information

It’s been stuck at account creation for a while now. Any action presents the following errors above. What seems to be the issue and how can I help resolving it?


I’ve seen this error before, can you try adding a domain or subdomain/ creating a free subdomain onto your account.

The account management system got overloaded yesterday which may have caused issues with account creation too. That has been fixed now though.

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Today my account is stuck at “Pending Creation”.
it has been a while now.

Hi admin,
I have the same case

epiz_27410867 Pending Creation

Please help we


My accounts have also been pending creation since yesterday.


My account is still pending creation from yesterday.


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