Struggling to renew SSL certificate

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I’m struggling to renew my SSL (Lets Encrypt). I’ve used it multiple times in the past and haven’t changed anything at the name providers end.

When I try to renew the SSL it is telling me to set the CNAME record through the control panel.

I really don’t know what to do

The other info it is giving is:

These are the nameservers we detected on your domain name:,

Record Name _acme-challenge
Current Destination Not Ready

I’ve gone to the CNAMES part of Control Panel.

Deleted the existing CNAME records (one for and the other for

Then added a new CNAME record using “_acme challenge” as the source value, “” as the Domain value and “” as the Destination value.

I got these values from the message shown in the previous post.

What do I do next ? Nothing seems to have happened


Do I also need to do something similar for the domain (rather than ?

If so, what destination do I need to put ?

We’ve made some changes to how the domain validation works for SSL certificates. In general, it should be easier and faster now, but the transition isn’t entirely seamless.



Where do I replace the with ?


You need to go into the CNAME Records section in the control panel, and delete all the records there that have _acme-challenge in the source name. If you already added the record shown in the client area for the validation now, you should leave that one, of course.

And if you didn’t add the new record yet, you should setup that record instead.


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