Strange behaviour, differences between parked domain website and epizy one

Good evening.

I am looking for some help, due to some errors I am finding while trying to use a domain I have recentlly acquired, configured to be used with your hosting.
I configured it as a parked domain, and it seems to work fine, until I use certain pages that behave differently if I call them using the epizy domain or the parked one.
Basically, I have found 2 different kind of errors: 1) pages that do load certain xml content using epizy, but do not using the parked domain, and 2) pages that offer a different charset using epizy than using the parked domain.

My website URL is:
Parked domain:


  • Pages that do not load xml content with parked domain.
    (As beeing a newbie I can just post 2 links, I will put only relative paths from the root URL)

  • Charset differences:

What I’m seeing is:

In the first error, when calling the page using the parked domain URL, it returns a “LoadXML” error. But calling the same page using the epizy domain URL, it works like a charm.
The second error happens when some letters used in Spanish vocabulary (“ñ” or “ó”, for example) became unrecognisable when calling certain pages, only in the paked domain URL, while they are perfectly right in epizy URL, and even in other pages in the parked domain URL.

I’m using this software:

The parked domain URL was obtained at Google Domains.
I configured the parked domain using epizy DNS names as personalized DNS in the Google Domains configuration:

Additional information:

I have already contacted Google Domains support, and they say that they just redirect the traffic from the parked domain URL to the DNS provided for the hosting.

Can you help me working this out?

Thank you in advance, regards.

Thank you for the elaborate issue description! I’m sure I can help you with this.

Pages that do not load xml content with parked domain.

I checked the Nominaciones.html page on both the subdomain and the parked domain, and I think I saw the same error.

The issue seems to be caused by the script at successfully responding with data, but returns a status code of “500 - Internal Server Error”, which usually indicates the the code running there has crashed. I don’t know why that happens, but here are some ideas to get started to fix this issue:

Charset differences

This seems to be caused by the Content-Type header being returned by the page.

On, the Content-Type header is text/html, but on this header is set to text/html; charset=UTF-8. So that’s why the encoding is different. As to why that header is sent, I think that your PHP code may have set this header, but I haven’t checked your code.

First of all, thank you very much for answering.

I will try to check your suggestions and see if I can manage to fix it.

Anyhow, there is something I do not understand and maybe you can tell me: how can the pages answer with different status codes (or a PHP encoding setting) when they are both served by the same hosting? I mean, as far as I (thought I) knew, using an external domain only should redirect requests from a domain name to a different IP, isn’t it? How can this be happening?
I am not complaining, I am thankful for your help. Is just that trying to understand it I think I could get closer to solve the issue…

Again, thank you.


With PHP code, you get a lot of flexibility in what content is returned. Based on conditions within the code, you can have the same script return completely different output based on the domain name or URL. It’s dynamic code, it could return something else every time you access it.

If or why that is the case with your website, I don’t know, because I don’t know your code.

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