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Me habeis robado la web

We can’t help you if you don’t fill out the template. What do you mean by stolen? Was it suspended? If so, see the client area for details.

Also, please type in English or use a translator as this is an English forum.



Who has stolen ur website?
Quién ha robado tu sitio web

I had one web in this page and one day not was. I dont know why. It`s free or not is free this hosting? i had my work hier and now i cant put again.

mi perfil sigue aqui pero la web desaparecio.

This hosting is completely free.

Based on the fact that you have multiple deleted accounts, my guess is that the site you are talking about was suspended for inactivity.

When you site gets less then 5 visitors a month, the account is suspended. You then have about 60 days to reactivate it from the client area. Multiple emails will also be sent within that time frame. If you do nothing, it gets deleted.


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