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The reason for this request is that the domain that it is using is owned by me and i would like to instead use it for my own website. I changed the nameservers to infinityfree ones a while ago and forgot to add it to my account, now when I do so it gives me an error message saying that the domain is already in use. When I go to visit the website, it seems that someone else has taken my domain and used it for their own use.

I can provide the necessary details regarding my ownership of the domain and if necessary can alter the dns records to show further.

I sent this message to [email protected] as requested in the “Report abuse” section of Contact Us - InfinityFree on 15th July 2020 but never got a reply so thought i should post it here aswell

If someone has taken control of your domain, you need to take that up with your domain provider, we cannot help you in that section.

It is possible that someone has bought your domain out (Payed for it to be transferred from you to them). Check your domain provider’s control panel, if your domain is still there, take the problem up with domain provider.

However, as you say you changed the domain’s nameservers, and someone is using your domain, one way you can stop them using your website is to add Cloudflare to your site (By changing your nameservers) and removing the A record that points to the imposters “website” account.


Well the same thing happened to me, no one can help here, trust me.

Go directly here:
Register an account and directly say this to them
They will ask you to change the nameservers to prove your ownership, so that’s simple for you then, so do it and they will resolve your issue as fast as possible.

In this in my case, the issue got resolved in 24 hours.



This domain is not assigned to an account we control. It’s a standalone reseller account (which is to be expected, given the domain name).

Regardless of what you want to do, you need to contact iFastNet directly about this.


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