Still didn't get my free ssl certificate after 3 days

I requested a free SSL certificate and it’s been 3 days. It still says pending when I check it. Is this a problem on your (InfinityFree)'s side?

Have you checked to see if your CNAME records are setup correctly? Also, please provide your website domain.

I have one of the subdomains (infinityfree free domain) and my url is

You have not setup the correct CNAME records. Visit and setup the CNAME records that InfinityFree have given you.


When i check my Free SSL Area, it says “We’re currently getting your SSL certificate. Please ensure that the validation checks stay at Ready. We’ll email you when the certificate is ready.” I see your website has the ssl certificate. It’s been 3 days and I still haven’t got it.

So did you?

If you look a bit higher than that, you’ll also see that the CNAME record is not found. So like @NotPixelMinecraft said: you need to setup the CNAME records first.


Thank you, this helped me.

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