Starter plan!

Hi…i have a free account and im planning to move into ifastnet starter plan(19.99$)/year. But i need to know:

  • is there hits limit?
  • is there SSL certificate support free?
  • the bandwidth is per month?
  • are there any adds?
    If you have other info that might be relevant i would appreciate…Thanks!



Is going to depend on your plan. The plan you mentioned gets 250GB if bandwidth per month.

No. Neither free nor premium hosting place advertisements on your website.

You also get access to the premium support desk at!


Ok thanks…what about renews? Will it keep the same price or so in next year?

The price advertised is the price you get. If it says $19.99 per year, it’s $19.99 this year, and next year, and the year after that. iFastNet doesn’t bait and switch.


Lots of thanks :slight_smile:

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