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now what? still says not secure

ok on my side. clr your browser cache.

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Hello there,

Your site is currently facing an issue known as “Mixed Content”, this means that although your site has loaded over a secure https connection, but some of your files or links are loaded over an unsecure http connection, that’s why it’s called Mixed Content.

Since you have installed the Really Simple SSL plugin already, that should have fixed the Mixed Content issue automatically AFAIK,
Screenshot 2020-10-29 144901
Try re-enabling this setting, this might force the plugin to find some unsecured resources and fix them if possible.

If the plugin can’t fix the issue then you might want to find an alternative solution, try reading this article:

The last solution I can think of is you will have to manually fix this yourself which will be a pain.


Why shd I?

what its not okay still not secure

My browser is showing no issue at all. That’s why I provided the screenshot.

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Sorry? Because a thing doesn’t work at your end doesn’t mean we’re lying, we’re only showing you profs that your site works.


I do see mixed content warnings on your site. And looking at the browser error console, these two URLs should be fixed.

I don’t know enough about Elementor to tell how these URLs are loaded in, but maybe there are some kind of explicit configuration in there?


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