Ssl verification failed

**My website URL

What I’m seeing is: Warning: Your verification URL is not returning the correct contents to our verification servers. The URL looks like it is blocking bots and which inadvertently blocks our servers from receiving the correct content. Contact your host, a professional developer or admin for further help with fixing it. on sslforfree

**I’m using this software:SSL For Free Signup

**Additional information: can anyone help me? because i didnt like my website without any ssl cetificate (chrome browser always warn about security on my site!) **

Also Im new on SSL things… i search on youtube we can use but when i try to connect it says this :

You can use only with TXT methods on free hosting, just because there is a security system that prevents bots from accessing the website. The TXT record settings are not available here too, and you should use your own nameservers / Cloudflare to get the free SSL.

Can you tell me a way how to get free ssl from cloudflare?
edit : even with the subdomains…

It’s not possible to do Cloudflare SSL on subdomains. Only on X10Hosting it is available that option. But you can enable it from the cPanel if you have a custom domain here and wait 24 hours for DNS propagation.

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