Ssl revoked, changing from infinityfree ssl to cloudflare

Hello all, My Domain REDACTED was pointed to infinity nameservers before, I used the ssl creator in the app panel but I want to use Cloudflare SSL now. I changed my nameservers to Cloudflare, deleted the SSL from Cpanel, and revoked the SSL. However, it still shows SSL revoked even though I deleted it.

If this is in the client area, ignore it. Note that even after installing CF, you still should have a SSL certificate from IF, otherwise your website actually gets worse in the security aspect.

its showing when I visit it, I’m trying to get rid of the ssl

Did you clear your cache? Also, please provide your domain name.

Yeah I did, and its

The SSL certificate has been deleted from the control panel, correct? Can you take a screenshot?

which one cpanel or the

Never mind, I fixed the issue. Thanks for help anyway

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