SSL Renewal

Just want to clarify something for future reference. When 3 months has passed and I need to renew my SSL certificate, will I just need to get a new Private Key and Certificate Key and paste them into cPanel?


Yes. You will get to request a new certificate, and add the private and certificate keys to the control panel. If you have not removed the CNAME records from when you first created a certificate, you will not have to add them again.

Basically, if you still have the CNAME records setup, you will only have to request a new certificate, than copy the keys.

Hope this helped.


Perfect. Seems simple enough. Thanks!

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With the new ZeroSSL option, there will be no need for re-verification


I’m currently using Let’s Encrypt. Does that require renewal? I thought they all did apart from the self-signed one.

yes, the certificate and the private key will change

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In that case I’ll switch to ZeroSSL! Thanks!

For free ssl cert’s the private key and the ceritifcate will change (any brand)

So they all have to be renewed manually every 90 days? I thought you just said ZeroSSL won’t need that.

it just doesn’t need reverification

What do you mean by that exactly? I’m confused.

see the pic below, to clarify all doubts!

I already saw that. But I’m still confused to as what you mean by “verification”.

CNAME records?

You don’t need to re-verify the cname records. It’s a one time process, with IF ZeroSSL. I too migrated to this one!

So would it benefit me at all if I switched? Bearing in mind I already have it set up.

I would suggest it, it’s my opinion only!

If I still have to get new keys every 3 months for either one, I can’t see the benefit. So I won’t bother switching. Thanks for clarifying everything!

I would not bother, especially if your current setup works. It’s quite simple to renew the SSL you have now.

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I’d still have to renew it anyway, even if I switched.

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That’s the result of using free SSL certificates, I guess!

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