SSL Renewal

Hi All,

Long time since I’ve last posted, been moving around a lot through various countries and have finally got myself set back up in my new apartment.

Noticed an email saying that I need to renew my certificate - Am I right in saying that I need to get a new certificate and basically start the process again? Or is there a shorter method than the first time I did this?

Thank in advance!

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I believe you are-do everything but it should be quicker as the CNAME file are already in place. Someone else may be able to help you out better though.

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All you have to do is request another certificate and a new one will be generated, Then just follow the same steps to install it as you did last time.

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The process is largely the same. You just request and install a new certificate.

If you’re using Let’s Encrypt and didn’t remove the CNAME records, you can just click Request Certificate right away without having to setup CNAME records. With GoGetSSL, you need to setup new records every time.


Thanks all! :slight_smile:

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