SSL Renewal

Apologies if this is answered elsewhere but I cannot find the answer anywhere.

I know that my SSL certificate expires on 8.3.2021. Am I able to renew it prior to that date, and if so how much earlier ?

Furthermore, will I get some sort of reminder or notice of expiry ?

It is absolutely that around that time in particular my website does not go down as it would be disastrous for me, and therefore I need to take precautions to renew as early as possible to avoid the risk.

This will be the first time that I have had to do anything like this, so I am a novice, but I would appreciate advice / instructions.

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Yes, so long as your using the InfinityFree SSL Tool, you can request a new Certificate at any time.

You will be emailed when your Cert is near expiry.


Your answer is most appreciated. Thanks.

I assume that, if I renew now, then the three month validity will not be added to the SSL but will start again from now. I will therefore leave it until the beginning of next month and then be able to relax because I know it will be valid for when I need it most.

Yes, if you create a new certificate now, it will be valid for 3 months starting now.

This is why we only start sending email reminders a month before expiration. But it’s also fine if you start the renewal process a week before expiration or so.


Most appreciated for this additional advice. I intend to play it safe, because I remember what a mess of it I made when I first installed it and do not relish having to renew it !


I just did the renewal for my site ( and pasted the new key and certificate into cPanel SSL page.

Interestingly the first attempt to get a new certificate didn’t work, it gave me an error after a few minutes: Status = Failed (code #0) . But on the second attempt it worked and was very quick and easy! A bit of a pain having to do that every 3 months, but it is free so can’t complain!


Yes, 30 days before, 7 days before, and on expiry


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