SSL Public Key

How can I get a public key for this site for a SSL Certificate. I watched a tuto that it say I can use Putty to generate one but its not working. Any help? Tq

The articles there assume you’re using your own server to install the certificates, which would mean that you have SSH access and the ability to install custom software. However, you’re hosting your website on our servers which means you don’t have full control over what’s installed on our servers (allowing that would be madness from a security perspective).

So you’d have to generate your account key somewhere else. Fortunately, the account key does not need to be generated on the web server (and, frankly, probably shouldn’t be in the first place). If you have a macOS or Linux system, you can probably just install openssl on it yourself (it’s usually made available through your operating system’s usual channels). You can install it on Windows too from what I’ve been told, but it’s a bit more involved: Binaries - OpenSSLWiki

Alternatively, you could look for an implementation of Let’s Encrypt which does not force you to generate stuff yourself. is one which comes to mind.

However, it should be noted that Let’s Encrypt will not work with our free hosting regardless of which provider you use. Let’s Encrypt requires you to verify your domain using a web URL, which won’t work because of our bot protection system.

If you have your own domain name, you can use StartSSL to get a free SSL certificate. With StartSSL you can verify you own the domain through e-mail. However, you cannot verify subdomains with StartSSL, so you can’t get certificates for or through StartSSL.