SSL not working

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Error Message

The connection for this site is not secure uses an unsupported protocol.


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Unsupported protocol

The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.

Other Information

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You need to set your Wordpress url to https without the www subdomain for this error to go away.


But last time it worked

Please share your Cloudflare SSL settings

Please note that Cloudflare’s Universal SSL only works for first level subdomains. So, and will work, but,, etc. will not.

This is because Cloudflare uses a wildcard SSL certificate for your base domain, and wildcard SSL certs only work for direct subdomains.

You could disable Cloudflare on the second level subdomain and install an SSL certificate on our hosting directly (you can request an SSL certificate that protects both and But if I were you, I would just not use the domain and publish the blog on instead.


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