SSL not working

@Greenreader9 I’m curious as what you mean by “be patient”… are we talking about hours or days?

my site has been down and inaccesible to the public for the last 2 days… I understand hosting is free, but still, I do think it is reasonable to expect some answers when the problems is not on our side…

It would be nice if @Admin could update us on this issue as I don’t see any recent “outage post” and we seem to be a few with this problem.

Same problem.
Domain Name:
Username: epiz_28855699
Status says “Certificate not found” anyways

Maybe just try using these methods to generate an SSL. For some reason infinityfree’s SSL generator broke: Read this before posting a new topic.

No one knows, and iFastNet is characteristically silent.

You can try creating a new account if you have less than three, the only thing that would not work there is SSL

It would be nice, but he probably doesn’t know any more than we do. I wish he would (or a mod) pin a few more things, yes.

Same problem for me as well.
Domain Name:
Username: epiz_28875525
Status also says “Certificate not found”

Will be waiting for Admin update.

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Try the method above

I wrote an update about the SSL issues here:

I’m still waiting on iFastNet for a response.

my site is now showing an ssl certificate. Thank you Admin

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It is working for you @denisdsouza? Can others confirm?

Mine works too.

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Its working on me now.

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Issue is fixed! Thanks for the update and hard work Admin!


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