SSL not working in all website pages

Hi There,

Two days ago, I got an ssl certificate approved and it’s working fine on my site. But, some website pages such as ( about and contact us pages ) does not have the ssl certificate - it’s showing it’s not secure.

What could be the problem and the best solutions to it?

Thanks in advance.

I think your website is not forcing https.
You can do that in .htaccess file.
Do a google search on =How to force https in . htaccess

When I click the padlock in my browser, I can see that “part of this page are not secure (such as images)”.

The problem is that your WordPress site is not configured to use HTTPS. If you go into the WordPress settings and replace http:// in your site URL with https://, all pages should be secure.


For me your home and blog pages are secured whereas other pages are not secured because of requesting insecured content
Follow admin’s step
And also you can use really simple ssl plugin and use it to fix mixed content problem.

On about page your breadcrumb image is being loaded over http instead of https due to which it is not secured and same, is the case on contact page.

You can always check inspect element for such problems.


Hi @Admin,
I have changed it to https some days back.
But it’s still not working.


Thanks friend.
I’ll check that see what can be done.

Hmm, you’re right, the site URL is configured. But still some of the URLs on your page use the http:// URLs.

I see you’re using Elementor on your site. Maybe Elementor hard coded the old URL into the page? I don’t know Elementor that well, so I’m not sure.

Maybe you can try this:

@adisp007 Thanks mate.
I’ll go through that article and see if it can help.

You can try “Really Simple SSL” Plugin. It will fix mixed content problem on your site.

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