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set up the CNAME records but SSL certificates are not ready yet. Could you please help?

I believe you will have to wait for changes to be made and recognized by the server.


I’m waiting for 2 days now, I deleted the cname records and created new ones but still not working. DNS changes should take a few hours to take update in my case every time I have to contact the support to activate it.

Did you try to remove the certificate and create a new one? Additionally, could you provide me with your domain name?

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I did.

Your domains seem to work for me in HTTPS.
Take a look at this article:


First of all, please note that there is a limit of three free hosting accounts per PERSON. Creating multiple profiles with multiple email addresses to create more account is not allowed, and may result in the termination of all your accounts.

How do I know? The domains you’re referring to are on another profile than the one you’re posting this from.

So please prune the list of accounts or we will do it for you.


I only have 3 accounts in total as you might know. Why do you mention pruning them?

And yes I can see that my websites are working fine after you helped with issuing the ssl certificates. Thanks

No, I know you have four accounts. Two accounts on the biotechno profile, and two accounts on the NajiaBerch profile.

And just to be clear: the limit is three hosting accounts. Not three client area profiles with three hosting accounts each.


I wasn’t aware that all three accounts must be under one profile. I wanted to separate the main website from the subdomains.
Can I delete this subdomain (epiz_28350166) on the NajiaBerch profile without affecting the main domain?

The jury is out on whether you can only have one profile. But having two profiles with two accounts each means you have four accounts in total, which is not allowed.

Sure! Deactivating one account only affects the account you’re deactivating. If you don’t need the account with the subdomain anymore, you can deactivate it without any effect to the account with the main site.


just deleted one subdomain, so now I have 3 accounts in total, hope this is sufficient because moving them around causes many issues.

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