Ssl issue | Please help me urgently

I am Hassan and my website is hosted in infinityfree. I have tried to install ssl from sectigo but it wasn’t going through, first they told me that you will get an email to verify, by sending many times the confirmation mail from them, i didn’t get any mail. Then their team told me to add cname which i added, now they are saying that they are getting “RCODE=SERVFAIL” error. They said to contact your DNS provider, now what to do, please help me as i need to sort this is asap.

If you’re having trouble receiving the confirmation email, maybe this article helps?

As for why the CNAME record validation fails, I don’t know. I see a working CNAME record on your domain. Which CNAME record did you need to configure?

Cname is there but they are saying it is not validating ask your dns provider to help you out in it and send this error “RCODE=SERVFAIL” to show it to the host provider

And guide me if i upgrade my plan, shall i get free ssl for my domain so i don’t have to do all this stuff?

The CNAME looks fine from here, and from this service as well: Dig web interface - online dns lookup tool

So all I can do is do the same thing InstantSSL did as well. Ask your SSL provider to help you out and send them the link above. Because all looks fine as far as I can tell.

As you can see: premium hosting comes with free SSL.

Action: CNAME @
Status: ERROR

I have sent that to their support and he sent me this backF

I’d love to help fix this, but it seems the domain name is no longer on an account. Could you please add it again?

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