SSL isnot perfectly installed and https isn't working


(I took a SSL certificate from namecheap Positive SSL. But however the certificate isn’t installed perfectly I think.) Here is a screenshot from ssl checker

when I went on a live chat with namecheap support, they told me to upload CA certificate. But i didn’t understand how and from where to upload it. And also what actually means by it.
Can anyone help me installing SSL perfectly please? https isn’t supporting with my domain.

Other Information

Domain took from: Namecheap
SSL company: Positive SSL

You can use our SSL generator, which is free and doesn’t require CA.


But I have already bought a SSL from Positive SSL and that’s why i want to work with that.

Do you get any SSL errors if you check the site yourself? If so, you can ignore the warnings of the SSL checker. If your SSL works, it works.

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Your site looks fine for me

no screenshot as I’m at school and your site is blocked

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