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Not Secure.

I have installed SSL certificate and also forced https using .htaccess and my code doesn’t have any HTTP URL but after all that padlock does not show up on my website and it also shows dangerous website.

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This is entirely unrelated to HTTPS. I see that your website is currently listed by Google Safe Browsing as being a deceptive site. If you think this is invalid, you can submit your site to Google Search Console, and request a review of your site there.

If I skip past the Safe Browsing warning, I see you site redirects me to the HTTPS site, which does work. So your SSL and .htaccess configuration is definitely correct.


yes thanks
but to verify my domain by google I have to add DNS record of google.
How can I do that??

You can add your Google verification code under the “SPF Records” section of the Control Panel if it’s a TXT record. That section also supports putting other types of TXT records for the non-www version of the domain only.


thanks man that worked


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