SSL handshake failed

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

I get this error when I open the address and I can not install any certificate on it

please help me

Other Information

The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name (CloudFlare Origin Certificate was seen) .

This is because you have enabled ‘Full/Strict mode on cloudflare’, Change this to ‘Flexible’ SSL settings.


Please see this article:


I studied
I also received a certificate from the host site, but I had a problem loading it

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I’m Change This to Flexible and not open my site

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for me it shows a directory listing, is it what you mean?

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No , Main Domain

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since you’re using wordpress:


The site opens without https but I want to open via https

…please read all of the article above.


I’m Opening The Website is https
and media not loading… not show picture

You have to install Really Simple SSL plugin after getting SSL.


Basically do not do only the little chuck your eyes catch in article. It explained how to fix these issues already.


I will help you out @ErfanDesign
It is really easy,btw I too had the problem.
I can see that you are using the free SSL.
You can use cloudflare which will make the website faster too and get an SSL Certificate.
If you want you can install flexible ssl plugin in wordpress and use either full(strict) mode with lets encrypt certificate installed in web server(cpanel) which will encrypt end to end.

My English is a bit bad Pardon me :frowning:

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