SSL expiry notice and renewal

For my Website:

It has been nearly 3 months since I got the site setup and I’ve received a notification from InfinityFree that the SSL cert will expire. I had followed the instructions and also set CloudFlare SSL to “Full”.

When I go the Free SSL Ceertificates section of my InfinityFree account I see:

Create SSL certificate for

Expires at 2021-02-09

and also:

Install the SSL certificate on

|Issuer|Cloudflare, Inc.|
|Expires at|2021-11-23|

So there are two expiry dates here! Is it the 3 month expiry that I need to pay attention to and manually create and copy into cPanel a new certificate every time?

InfinityFree is detecting the cert that Cloudflare adds to your site, but is also monitoring when your other cert was issued. All you need to do is request a new cert and replace it via the cPanel.


OK thanks, I’ll update the LetsEncrypt certificate every 3 months then.

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