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SSL certificate error: The provider returned an unknown error. Please try again later.

Other Information

I have tried to get a SSL certificate multiple times still I get this same error. I have connected nameservers to cloudflare. I have changed the DNS to infinityfree IP and destination seems ok but still I get this error after I refresh the page which tells getting SSL certificate.


Can you share the domain name?



No issue

Well as you can see the theme from wordpress isn’t loading. And sometimes when it loads I get SSL error that part of website(images) not secure. Pls help.

I see this right now

are you sure that the DNS settings on CF lead to this ip?

Mixed content

When HTTPS is used, all resources should be requested via the HTTPS protocol and not via HTTP.
Please use the plugin from the article (SSL Insecure Content Fixer)

If your site uses Elementor


You see connection times out because Recently i changed settings to full mode in cf. And about that IP, I have several DNS for some reason and 3 A type and 1 CNAME type point to the IP which you have mentioned. Let me try this plugin and see what happends. When i use really simple SSL plugin in wordpress it gives tons of errors. I just feel depressed seeing the amount of errors.

UPDATE: The website seems to show completely secure for me now(In private mode not in normal mode). Could someone check from their side and let me know?

Your SSL seems to be all set up correctly through Cloudflare!

For your information, the reason most your orders were rejected was because of rate limiting by Let’s Encrypt. The first order failed for reasons that are not entirely clear to me, the orders afterwards failed because the first order failed as well.

You should have been able to request another certificate a few hours later.


Hey so, I have a cloudflare SSL from your website now but I actually want Let’s encrypt SSL. But it always gives me an unspecified error. So What should I do to get Let’s Encrypt SSL?

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