SSL Certificates issue

Hi everyone and Admin,

It looks like many people are having issues with their SSL certificates. Instead of telling everyone to check their own certificate, why can’t the admin understand that there might be an issue about how Infinity/Epizy servers are sending the certificates to the browser ?

Everyone says the same: it was working last week. We cannot all make the same mistake at the same time. It used to work, some config on the server was changed, invalidating (randomly on my site) certificates.

Please update, I need a working https on my site !


Just to let you know, I noticed the increase in SSL errors as well. While there regularly were SSL errors from other people before, the amount of issues being reported right now means at least something is going on.

The issue with the SSL errors is that the symptoms are so varied. Some people don’t see the SSL on their site, other people are having trouble uploading their certificates. It could be one issue I don’t understand, or multiple issues happening at the same time.

Because knowing that there probably is an issue doesn’t mean I know what the cause of the issue is, let alone have a solution I can implement right now. I can’t just snap my fingers to make an issue like this go away.

It’s called InfinityFree, not InfinityGauntlet, for a reason.

Hi Admin,

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t complaining about the free word in InfinityFree, but only trying to understand why many people are mentioning some weird SSL certificates issues, that they never had before, and most answers mention to check the certificate itself or recreate a new one.
To my understanding, the issues are not coming from the certificates but from the servers sending them to the browser. So I only wanted to point it out.
But I indeed don’t know much about the server side and never complained about it :wink:
Let’s hope someone will look at it as soon as possible.

Thx for the reply anyway